HELLO 2018!

Assalamualaikum my sugar plump readers!
Emm.. Do i still have my readers..? LOL

Ape-ape je lah ye.. 
This is still my blog so I have the right nak beletiaq segala mak nenek kannn..

Before that, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018 gaiiisss!!!
*yeah I know I'm 10 days late huhu, but better than 10 months late kan kan kan*

My new year resolution?


I'm just nervous and excited for 2018!

coz after nearly 3 years staying here in NZ, ive finally met a special friend whom I'm proud to say my best friend.. the first time I met this friend, I feel the click instantly..
Please God, hopefully this person will be my friend till forever.. aminn...

and for this 2018, I'm also apart of the Otago Malaysian Students Association (OMSA) commitee

Is my passion and love towards FOOD/COOKING that obvious? lol

Frankly speaking, I dont have any wish/intention to be in some sort of relationship this year..
I just wanna focus and take care of myself better than before..
I'm not gonna put myself last..
I'm not gonna be a cheapskate to myself anymore..

And I badly wanna focus more with my studies..
Gladly I've found a 24 hours study place that I can crash anytime I want..!

but I dont wanna have high hopes with 2018.. 
coz when u hope too high..
you''re gonna fall badly till you hurt yourself..

I'll just go with, "What happens, happens.. Don't cross the bridge until you come to it.. every problems have solutions.."

so.. 2018..

please be nice to me..


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