Assalamualaikum my sugar plump readers

This is me..
and yes, that is my dad giving me duit raya..! *Me loike it* haha..
and that is my mom..

♥ I'm the youngest daughter in the family
 I have an older brother..
 and a sister..
♥ yup.. just the 3 of us..

I talk alot.. yes.. I mean ALOT
and people easily get annoyed with my loudness and my non-stop-talking
but sometimes I can be a reserved person..

♥ I love to laugh
♥ but I'm easily to get mad..
*yes, hasutan syaitonnirojiim* 

I love travelling
I love cooking and making experiment with new recipes
I love animals

♥ I hate shopping (as I dont have a lot of money)
♥ But  I do love watching movies
♥ and I love bowling even I end up into the LONGKANG!
♥ OH! and don forget karaoke, even if I sounded like a frog.. :'(

and I'm an unpredictable lady..
easy to make friend..
but hard to get.. *seriously*

I think that is all for now..

p/s: Oh! and I love