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Wednesday, March 19, 2014



Pen's On..

I just missed him so badly.. I wonder why..

oh.. rindu biasa agaknya..

Pen's off..

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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Camera 360

Assalamualaikum my sugar plumps readers..

Ada sesiapa kat sini tahu apa itu Camera 360? hehe... ala.. apps yang buat muka kita FLOORLESS  flawless tuu.. hihi.. Dalin selalu guna.. sbb nampak kulit macam cantekk jeww.. macam chomelll jeww.. *haha.. geli noks!*

tapi terasa macam menipu pulak kan.. sebab muka Dalin macam karat pecah.. tapi dalam alam maya berlungguk muka flawless tu.. hohoho..

Meh tengok muka karat dalin.. hihi..
-banyak bekas jerawat
-tona tak sekata
-banyak bintik hitam

ini pulak ke flawless an yang ditimboikan oleh pihak Apps Camera 360

 Lepas guna product
ini ikut turutan dari awal penggunaan sampai yang latest..

kalau keluaq loni pakai bedak compact and eye liner kalau rajin..

idok le 100% flawless..

kang pakai2 terus flawless putih melepak jerawat kusam hilang tu mmg magic lah..

SKII pun nangis kalah!

sekiaannn.. hehehe.. say NO to apps camera360.. :)

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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Reborn Doll for Malaysia is NOW AVAILABLE..!!

Assalamualaikum my sugar plump readers..!

Yes.. Reborn Dolls are now possible to buy in Malaysia..

Terbukti Reborn Dolls boleh merawat penyakit nyanyuk... pelupa.. ibu yang sakit kehilangan anak.. stress.. Reborn Dolls sebagai bahan koleksi.. dah kalau teddy bear korang boleh kumpul, naper idaknye Reborn Dolls? Tahukah anda banyak Filem Antarabangsa (especially dari Hollywood) menggunakan reborn dolls bagi mengantikan watak bayi sebenar dalam lakonan?

Percaya lahhhh...

Jom lah jengah.. Dalin boleh kasi harga murah dan terbaik.. hasilnya sangat berkualiti tinggi...

Ia dicipta seminggu dua kerana nak hasilkan Reborn Baby yang berqualiti tinggi dan sangat nampak real..
Reborners a.k.a Reborn Artist yang Dalin pilih adalah dari USA, Texas dan merupakan seorang "Professional Reborn Artist".

kerana Reborn Artist ni sangat memahami bahawa currency exchange sangat lah mahey zain (mahal) bagi USD ke MYR, dia bagi harga yang murah dan terbaikkk..

Moh le jengahhhh..

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I'm selling reborn dolls!

Assalamualaikum my sugar plumps readers..

Haaa.. tahu tak apa itu Reborn Dolls?

Anak patung yang diubai suai balik untuk nampak sangat real macam bayi sebenar.. Anak patung ini bukan untuk budak-budak kecik.. tapi collectable item.. sebagai hobby.. tahu kenapa? sebab fragile nya reborn dolls ni seperti bayi sebenar.. cuma dia tak shee shee... poo poo.. makan minum nangis muntah.. hehehe.. tapi berat seperti bayi sebenar.. dan texture dia pun seperti bayi sebenar..

Di Malaysia tak pernah ada tau.. cuma ada di US, UK, Australia, Poland, dan New Zealand. Di Sebelah Asia Timur ni memang tiada..

harga sesebuah (ke sebiji? se orang? se papan? reborn dolls ini dalam range USD$300 dan boleh cecah ke ribu-ribu USD$ disebabkan quality bahan material dia..

bagi yang tak tahu rupa paras reborn doll, maghi Dalin tunjuk..

Harga dia seriously mahal.. tapi Dalin boleh kurangkan lagi harganya.. reborn artist ni dari Texas, USA.. so ofcourse harga dia pricey sikit.. dan reborn babies ni bukan buat dari kilang, ia dihasil berminggu-minggu.. kerana penghasilannya sgt terpercinci..

"Sometime you can still be a kid in yourself"

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Friday, February 21, 2014


Assalamualaikum my sugar plump readers!!

Dalin peghati.. ramai yg ada masuk blog Dalin  untuk baca kisah Diet Atkins..

tapi.. tapi...

sejauh mana kebenaran itu?

Dalin rasa macam nak share je more info..

Tapi dalin taktau ada ke orang baca?

Takde feedback pun..?

Nak share recipe Atkins Friendly.. tapi berbaloi ka?

Ada yang mau baca ka? Ada yang mau ikot ka?

uwaaaaa... acaner.. ade ke orang baca?

Kalau ada.. Dalin akan share lebih banyyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkk ilmu berkait diet atkins.. kalau tak... hmmmm.. mmg takde lah.. huhuhu.. :'(

eh.. saper pempuan tuu..

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Monday, February 17, 2014

I'm a Reborn Collector!

Assalamualaikum my sugar plumps readers..!

First of all, this post will be in English, as I want someone special to read this post. She is from Texas, US.
Apart by that, it is because I want Malaysian Reborn Collector to come and approach me!


What is Reborn doll?
Well I can just ask you to search it in the net.. But I like to put it in my own words..
Reborn doll is a doll, that was done like a real baby. It resemble a human baby with as much realism as possible. It was done with full of love from the reborn artist. This phenomenon started around 1990 and it is quite famous in US, UK, Europe and also in Australia. Reborning (refers to the process of making a reborn baby) involves numerous time consuming steps, for the sake of making it looks like a real baby.
The have different sizes and different weight, according to customer preferences. The range of price is mostly around $300 to more than $1000.
(then you multiple with 3.35, that is the cost for Malaysia Ringgit! pheww!!)

Most of the reasons why people 'adopt' Reborn doll are,
1) To replace a child they once lost.
2) That child has grown up
3) As a hobby

Yes, this is a Reborn!
Source: Wikipedia

Reborn Doll is not for children, it is a collectable item and it is to be taken as a real child.

But why Dalin, do you have to buy one?

OK, now it is back to me. Before I bought adopt this reborn, I asked from numerous of people (mostly friends and family) for their opinions. Most of them were great! (LOVE YOU GUYS!!) Most of them harshly saying that I AM CREEPY with their weird-kinda look..

Being the youngest one in my family, I really love babies. Since I was small,I kept on pleading for a new baby sister/brother from my mum, without knowing that she cant conceive any more. When we went to a shopping mall or a supermarket, I would always love to go to the babies section. I couldn't resist to see the small and cute clothes. After I learn that mum couldn't give me a baby sis/brother. I keep on waiting for the arrival of my new cousins. When I was 9 years old, I can easily wash my 8 month old cousin's butt that is full of that creammyy stuff.. hahah! I watched and observe how to handle a baby from the adults. And suddenly I'm a pro in feeding them with milk bottles, sing a lullaby until they fall asleep, give them bath, and change the diapers. I love doing those things! Until now I love to blogwalking to blogs that are related to parenting, pregnancy and babies.

As most of my friend knows that I love baby, they asked me, "Awat tak kahwin jaa..? Senang cerita!"
translate: Why don't you just get married! easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Cathy Rowland Reborn Doll Kits

Yes. One day. But not now.
I'm currently 22 years old. and on my final year in diploma. Making your own babies? yeahh.. sure it is easy as a hell..! but is it that easy to raise your own child? God lend a child for a while, for us to watch, for us to give them the right education, for us to give them good food, etc.

In Islam, parents have to give their children's right.
1) The right of getting protected
2) The right to live and grow up
3) The right to get a good education
4) The right to inherits the parents' alimony (nafkah) which includes food, a roof above their heads etc.
5) The right of fairness and equality among siblings

Sadly, most of us couldn't give this right for them. And one day, I will make sure all of my kids will get their rights.

What is the benefit of Reborn Doll?
Well.. Who ever can resist the cuteness of babies? Surely I can't!

"Many dementia patients suffer from agitation and distress, doll therapy can alleviate this. Dementia patients can be withdrawn and communication between patients and caregivers difficult, reborn dolls have been shown to vastly help in these areas.The British Psychological Society Conference presented this research into reborn doll therapy. Due to effects of dementia many of these patients still believe they are young, so when they adopt a reborn doll, it brings back happy memories of parenthood. Having a doll can reawaken positive memories of being useful and needed; being loved and of loving."

It also can cure early stage of Alzheimer!

  Alzheimer's Facts and Statistics:
  • Over 5 million people living in the U.S. alone are suffering from Alzheimer's. Unless a cure or better treatment is discovered, that number could rise to 15 million by 2050.
  • Alzheimer's is the sixth leading cause of death in the U.S.
  • Total cost of long-term treatment and care for Alzheimer's patients is estimated to be roughly $200 billion annually.
  • One in eight older Americans suffer from Alzheimer's.

Reborn Doll also can relieve stress and depression.

Reborn Baby Doll by Helen Jalland

But then, I heard someone is talking behind my back...
"Dalin ni taktau ke dalam Islam, HARAM ada patung-patung ni, malaikat yang bawa Rahmat tak masuk rumah oii"
Translate: "Doesn't she knows that it is FORBIDDEN in Islam for having a doll in your house..! The angel that brings Rahmath won't enter your house!"

Before saying anything, please read this.

Majority of scholars quote as evidence for this exemption the hadeeth of ‘Aa’ishah (may Allah be pleased with her) in which she says:

"I used to play with dolls in the house of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). I had friends who used to play with me. When the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) came in, they would hide themselves, then he would call them to join me and play with me."

Baby Cotton Blue by Marisol Orr

Aren't you scared? Who knows that doll will suddenly move around and haunted?

A lovely friend of mine used to say this to me, "Kalau kita tak cari, dia tak datang"
Translate: If we do not look for one, he will not come

If you are trying hard to believe in ghost.. believe that everywhere is haunted.. then those 'thing' will come for you..

When most of people say it is creepy, I couldn't see that creepy in those dolls*unless you bought the creepy one!* 

Baby Teddy, by Sandy Laurent
The example of my baby is in one of these pictures. I just have to make you guess.. :)

The reborn artist is a kind lady. Friendly. Easy to deal with. Has a big and kind heart! And she has the highest patience in dealing with a fussy customer like me!

I will reveal her identity in my next entry! till then.. bye! :)

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Tilam Baby Murah..!

Assalamualaikum My sugar plumps readers!

Tadi Dalin ada tertengok satu kedai online jual tilam baby.. bagi Dalin agak maheyy zainn kemainnn harganya.. seriouss..

so Dalin nak share tilam baby yang Dalin beli baru-baru ni.. serious sedapp.. empuk.. lembut..
tilam ni didatangi dengan bantal kepala.. dua bantal peluk dan attachable kelambu... berharga RM33.00 selain itu dia ada jual Sleeping Bag yang sama lembutnya jugak.. harga Rm21.. sesuai untuk di letakkan dalam endoi (buaian), dan car seat dan dalam baby cot.. boleh dijadikan macam bedung...

dan yang paling best, kedai tu jugak menawarkan set suai padan... iaitu set tilam berkelambu dengan set sleeping bag ni... all together RM53.. Nak beli asiing boleh, nak beli dua-dua sekali pun boleh.. dah lah cantik kemaheeennn..!! serious cakap!

Set yang Dalin beli adalah biru dan pinkkk...serious comey gilakkk..

Materialnya dibuat dari fiber.. memang serious sejuk dan lembut je...
Nak tahu Dalin beli dari mana? Di SINI haaahhh.. serious berbaloi dan Dalin tak tipu...

kalau taknak percaya jugak, sila bukak dulu link dalin bagi tu dan godek-godek gambar dan reviews pelanggan..  tilam ni jugak boleh dibasuh tauu.. banyak kaler lagi yang ada.. ada tilam lain jugak.. pergi la tengokkkk.. sebelum kehabisan stockkk!

p/s: Dalin tidak dibayar atau punyai kaitan dengan tuan kedai Baby and Muslimah Online ini.. harap sekain maklum.. apa yang Dalin nyatakan dalam post ini adalah ikhlas semata-mata dari pengalaman Dalin.. terima kasih..

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