Assalamualaikum my sugar plump readers (do i still have one?)

This is my first ever post in 2017.
yea i know its too late. im so lame

Still, better than nothing kan? haha..

any new update about me?

Nov 2016
Balik Malaysia for semester break
Putus cinta :'(
Being single again *yeay* :D

Feb 2017
 my beloved cat Ling died.. :'(
this one i cannot tahan, even thinking of her makes me wanna cry..
I really miss her.. I miss her so much..
I miss her day and night..
Every night i would always look back through the pictures and videos of her..
gemok tembam gebus mulus notty mcm dalin..
(yes, hence the name Ling! lol)
Sometimes I would be pissed off.. sebab benda boleh elakkk..!
She hasnt been vaccinated, so she had this evil virus..
and her body cannot tahan anymore with the infection..
both of Liing and Caramel (my other notty cat) got infected with the nasty virus..
the vet suspect they got it from outdoor cats..
mmg byk kucing jantans nak ngorat diorg.. comey kan.. hukhuk..
but only Caramel fights the infection..
and sometimes i would feel really pissed off with Ling because she wont even try to fight it..
but.. maybe the virul is so kuattt she cant even fight it.. :'(

I missed having to wake up with these two furballs at the end of my bed..

Ling left, Caramel right

So can you guys imagine how I sleep on my own bed?
yes, i squish myself into a ball just to avoid kicking them! hahaha..

then a week after my precious Ling died, I have to go back to New Zealand..
Now I'm here in Dunedin..
phew my days are quite hectic..
i have another 2 years and I'm planning to find a job here...
migrate here for good..

what about my family?
ala.. diorg can visit me anytime what..
or I'll go back to Malaysia.. hihihi..

for sure one thing is, Im gonna adopt cats once i'll have a job!
i need to pour my love somewhere kan? hahaha...

tu je la kot about my life..
boring kan? 
sbb tu la lama tak update!

okaayy bye!