Assalamualaikum my sugar plump readers!

Cukup 2 bulan dah boleh beranak dah..
statement gila maut..
bukan.. bukan..
nehi.. nehi..

Its just that Ive been here (DUNEDIN) for 7 months now!!
*throw confetti everywhere*

Gladly takde la home sick pun..
ok ada..
tapi sikit jer.. ciput jer..
sumpah ciput.. hihi..
hahaha.. sebab rindu kucing lebih...!
Lagipun parents nak datang after my final exams nanti..
kira ok la kan.. boleh jenjalan pulak kan..kan..kan..

So Im gonna do the Terobek aka Throwback of what ive been doing here,,

actually bosan je my life sebab duit non hado...
kena jimat cermat amalan mulia..
if they offered me to go somewhere, then I'll tag along.. lol..

so I'm just gonna share the pictures with some captions okay?


BERSATU GAMES: A sport event of Malaysian Students all over NZ which held every year, and this year was held in DUNEDIN!

Malaysia's traditional dishes for Eid festival (1st of Syawal , muslim month after one months of fasting)

Some of the guest who came! Kak Lia and Kak Mala.. thanks!

An amazing preparation by me! Cook everything by myself. Nasi Lemak, Meehun Sup, ketupat nasi, lemang,  rendang ayam, kuah kacang.

Some of the guest. Sorry about the lighting. hihi

The second Food Festival for this year!

yummeyh! Mango Lassi from Indian stall, Veggie Dumplings from South Korean stall, and Mee Curry from Malaysian!  

Meet and Greet for new Malaysian students.

Beautiful Malaysian ladies. This is during the International Cultural Festival

Some of the locals are trying Malaysian traditional costume. (ehem.. except the one in the middle lol)

Kia Ora! I went to the Maori's stall at the International Cultural Festival and got it paint!

Baldwin Street, the steepest street on earth!

Baldwin Street

Baldwin Street
Tunnel Beach. Amazing and stunning view. just the track that is not amazing! hahahahah...
it took me ages to climb back up to the parking area!
Can you see the Tunnel? Hence the name, Tunnel Beach. if its during the low tide, you can walk underneath it.

Tunnel Beach
Albatross Center

One of the biggest event in Dunedin by Malaysian Students, MALAM MALAYSIA 2016,
with this year title of Against The Current (Menongkah Arus)

This two ladies are my flatmates and they are apart of the Malam Malaysia crews

Told ya its a BIG HIT! they made it into Otago Daily Times newspaper!

 That's all for now..