Be like water that is calm in the river..
But when there is obstacle, you still be the winner..
You just go rough, you don't look around.. but you just go..
and when you have to, you sliced through the cracks..

Be like water, so you can reach the furtherst point..
Even at the coldest place you are still there, but in a different form..
Even at the hottest place, you helped to soothe..
Even the biggest flame, you can make it tame..

Be like water, even you've reached far..
Like in the sky there's the brightest star..
You still know where you'd come from..
Even if its just a mere of H2O..

Be like water, formless and shapeless..
So no one can grab and squeeze you..
Just tell them they need to becareful..
Coz you can wipeout the world if you need to..

Be like water, you help to give life
coz everyone in this world needs to survive
If you dont help them in need,
then dont be a greed

-Dalin 18/2 02:20-