it has been 3 months now..
Living far far away from my hometown..

maybe.. but not too much.. hehe..

Im happy here.. :)
I really am..

I'm not feeling THAT homesick coz I have fabs friends..
So it is just like living in Malaysia.. haha..

great support from my flatmates.. 

This is during our first year students OMSA meeting..
OMSA = Otago Malaysian Students Assoc.

that guy is our Mr President, Aaron Pan
and Ong Jinn OMSA's Bank negara aka treasurer :)

two ladies behind us, from left is Zhu Yen Vice President 2, next to her is Serena Ann, OMSA's welfare officer

and recently we had a group discussion..
most of us are Malaysian..

yeah.. quite hard to get everybody in the picture.. LOL..

I really enjoyed  my time with them..
they are crazy and funny..
having them, you wont need to feel homesick..

That's all..
have a nice day everbodeh..!
Miss you guys in Malaysia..! Muahh...