I missed you

Hi Blog
I missed you...

The blog period is already over. 
No more blog walking..
No more famous bloggers to follow..
Most of them even deleted their blogs..
Or just let it be with no updates, untouched..

Hence I haven't put any "Assalamualaikum my sugar plump readers"
as I know there will be no more readers left..

so why updating?
Just because..

Sometimes this blog of mine is like a quite place for me to find peace..
To let out those monsterious thoughts..
or any kind of rubbish to not to throw at FB-but-just-kinda-let-it-all-out

Any new update about me?
Not much.. But here's a photo of me.. lol..

Oh I'm nearing my final exams now..
ughh.. tears and more tears..
but its okay..
Allah ada..

What's my goal after this degree....?

Hmm.. good question..
But me, myself is still uncertain about it..
maybe into health sciences professional courses?
Maybe further to postgrad?
or.. umm.. not sure...
Im not gonna think about this yet..
Don't cross the bridge until you come to it...

tu je kot my bebelan for now...
nothing much..
but I'm certainly happy with my life.. 
haha.. sape kata being single is painful...?
Its actually a fun life without having to have more and more commitment!
*yeay me*

Okay.. Daaa..

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