Save the date!!

Assalamualaikum my sugar plump readers


I'm so excited for this coming Chinese New Year! ahaks..
As I just came back from one week holiday in Malacca, i feel less stress with my class and life..

yup.. 2014 gave me a great impact on me and my family that I just hate people..
including the one we called "adik beradik" or "saudara" or simply relatives..
they are so willingly to kill us silently.. 
so we just going to back off rather than making things worse..

As I dont have many friends, I have no one to turn to..
Apart from my family, I need someone else to tell my stories to..
not just friend.. but someone who can understand this situation..
because I know even my bestfriend out there could not and will not understand..
I dont blame her.. she is human too like us...

so because of that, I found someone I can trust (so far)..
We planned to go and have fun this coming CNY as both of us are on holiday..hiks! *big grin*
alaa... not somewhere far, just in Peneng Island.. and one of the activity is to go Karaoke! 
hahaha.. me loike it!
InsyaAllah together with this friend, her two cousins and brother.. yeay...
she said she wanted to try Neway QBmall, a bit expensive but I really love Neway.. 
Their sound system, services and staffs are really good!

Cant wait..!

hihi.. tu je nak habaq..

till we meet again.. tata..!

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