Excited for my homemade Mayonnaise!!!

Assalamualaikum my sugar plump readers!

I'm making a new post at 4.40am! Because I was super duper busy during the day and my internet connect is awesomely SLOW!

I just woke up to study some few chapters on my Calculus subject *rajin kan*
while I sip a cup of nescafe without sugar..

During the day, I'vr made a homemade Mayonnaise and it taste incredibly delicious!!
The taste is just right for my taste-bud, as you can alter the taste by yourself..
and you know it is halal, clean, and of course for Atkins Diet follower, it is low in carbs!! 
*Throw confetti*

 This is going to be in my list of "must have homemade food in the house" list!!
Love it to the max.. 

Now let us see the recipe...

~2 eggs
~ pinch of salt
~ black pepper powder
~ 1 tbsp of Apple cider vinegar
~ 2 cups of oil
1) In a food processor or blender, blend all the ingredient except for oil
2) put some oil and blend until smooth and thick, then put again some oil and blend it again, repeat this step until you have finish all the oil.. (minyak kena letak sikit-sikit dan pelahan dulu, kemudian blend, minyak sikit, blend, minyak sikit blend, sampai 2 cawan minyak tu habis)
3) put it in a jar and keep it cool in the refrigerator..
You can get 2 jars of Lady's Choice Mayo..

As someone that is currently doing Atkins Diet again I really need this kinda stuff..
If you bought mayonnaise from your nearest store, you must buy the ones with low carbs..
in my case, whether it taste awful or the price is expensive!
Well.. in this life, the more nutritious and organic the food is, the more expensive it can be..

The first time I bought Mayonnaise Kewpie I can except the taste as it reminded me of Takoyaki, one of my favorite food.. but to eat it almost everyday, I cannot bear it anymore..
because I love to eat it with grilled chicken or fish.. as it feels like completing my dishes

After I have done my Homemade Mayonnaise, I immediately bring out chicken keel to be defrosted and marinate it with herbs and spices for an hour and walaa..! It turn out great..!

Grilled Chicken Ala Satay
Can you see the mayonnaise..? geesh.. I'm drooling in the middle of the night!!

Lets check out the recipe too!

You need boneless chicken (not too thick and not too thin)
Marinate in
1) 1tsp of tumeric powder (serbuk kunyit)
1tsp of chili powder (serbuk cili)
3) 1tsp of curry powder (serbuk kari ayam)
4) salt to add the taste
1tsp of cumin powder (serbuk jintan putih)
Marinate for 1 hour and coat with Psyllium husk *optional
And grill using magic pan!

Estimation of total carbs is around plus minus 5g carbs

This is actually the malas version of Chicken Satay Atkins Style..
because it will be much more deliciousif you add some ground onion, ginger etc, 
but I was too lazy to count the carbs and weigh the onions, ginger etc plus I was soooo excited to test my Mayonnaise...

The real satay needs honey or sugar.. hence, satay is not advisable in Atkins Diet

Hope you can enjoy your food as I enjoyed mine!!

Bon Appetit! 

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