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In Progress..

Assalamualaikum my sugar plump readers..

I'm currently in a middle of doing something..

Not yet confirm, but more than 80% tendency of achieving something that I really really really realllyyyyyy want.. *haha.. nampak tak betapa banyak really tu*

So far, so good... everything looks smooth.. also feel smooth.. and I hope it will go well until the end..

can't tell you yet, what is

I missed you dearly

I  love to meet you again someday.. All I can do is to go for it..  Work hard.. Study hard.. and finally to pray so that Allah permits me to go again.. I miss you New Zealand..  Having to go there is the most wonderful thing!  Not an inch of regret...
Someday maybe.. we will meet again.. maybe in 2016.. or maybe well.. just maybe.. amin..

Save the date!!

Assalamualaikum my sugar plump readers

I'm so excited for this coming Chinese New Year! ahaks.. As I just came back from one week holiday in Malacca, i feel less stress with my class and life..
yup.. 2014 gave me a great impact on me and my family that I just hate people.. including the one we called "adik beradik" or "saudara" or simply relatives.. they are so willingly to kill us silently..  so we just going to back off rather than making things worse..
As I dont have many friends, I have no one to turn to.. Apart from my family, I need someone else to tell my stories to.. not just friend.. but someone who can understand this situation.. because I know even my bestfriend out there could not and will not understand.. I dont blame her.. she is human too like us...
so because of that, I found someone I can trust (so far).. We planned to go and have fun this coming CNY as both of us are on holiday..hiks! *big grin* alaa... not somewhere far, just in Peneng Islan…

Holiday in Melacca

Assalamualaikum my sugar plump readers!!
15th-20th baru ni Dalin berholiday with family..  Travel from Sintok-Peneng (pick up aunty)- Shahyalem (spend one night) - Negeri Sembilan- MELAKA
The purpose going to Nogori is because Daddy nak tengok kampung sebelah mak dia..  yakni kampung arwah nenek Dalin.. more than 20 years tak pernah  ballik Nogori.. and that was my first time ever.. The main reason why we never go back to Nogori is because my arwah nenek pun dah migrate keluar dari nogori more than 60 years ago! after arwah nenek settle down with arwah atok (when she was 14 years old!!) they stayed in Serdang.. then Kulim.. then to Kg Pandan.. to Kg Baru.. next in Petaling Jaya, tapi paling lama di Damansara Height, around 40 years I think.. even my arwah atuk  meninggal di DH.. after dalin celik mata 3 bulan, atuk pun meninggal.. When he held me in his arm, he said, "ni la pengganti atuk.. tak lama lagi dah atuk nak pi.." *nanes jap.. woo~* and during arwah nenek's las…

Wordless Wednesday

Introducing the new member!

Excited for my homemade Mayonnaise!!!

Assalamualaikum my sugar plump readers!
I'm making a new post at 4.40am! Because I was super duper busy during the day and my internet connect is awesomely SLOW!
I just woke up to study some few chapters on my Calculus subject *rajin kan* while I sip a cup of nescafe without sugar..
During the day, I'vr made a homemade Mayonnaise and it taste incredibly delicious!! The taste is just right for my taste-bud, as you can alter the taste by yourself.. and you know it is halal, clean, and of course for Atkins Diet follower, it is low in carbs!!  *Hooraayyy!!* *Throw confetti*

 This is going to be in my list of "must have homemade food in the house" list!! Love it to the max.. ❤❤❤
Now let us see the recipe...
~2 eggs
~ pinch of salt
~ black pepper powder
~ 1 tbsp of Apple cider vinegar
~ 2 cups of oil Steps:
1) In a food processor or blender, blend all the ingredient except for oil
2) put some oil and blend until smooth and thick, then put again some oil and blend it ag…

Nobody can win my heart

The moment you realize that you can have everything you want in life. However, it takes timing, the right heart, the right actions, the right passion and a willingness to risk it all. If it is not yours, it is because you really didn’t want it, need it or God prevented it.
(random quote I found in the internet)
People always ask me, "Dalin.. dah besar.. takde orang lagi ke?" or "rajin masak.. boleh kahwin dah.. suruh bf masuk minang" and any other "bila nak kawin?" questions.. and it annoys me so much, when I'm smiling but deep inside I'm going insane!! Seriously people that are sooooo concern about my life, thank you for adding me in "who I want to bother" list of yours.. I dont have a bf, and I dont need one.. they are just gonna waste my precious time, and would only distract me in doing those "lovey dovey" things that most couples do.. Okey, straight to the point, I USED to set my mind I want a bf a.s.a.p, so that I have so…