Assalamualaikum my sugar plump readers..

I miss New Zealand so much and it hurts..
I miss the Stop-at-the-coffee-shop-for-a-break time as I always ordered Hot Chocolate..
I miss the beautiful scenery..
I miss their friendly smile..
I miss the fun that we had..
I miss relaxing under the sun next to the campervan..
I miss going to the public toilet alone at night and its freaking me out..
I miss gossiping around while cutting the onions..
I miss Mr. Thubby a black fat cat that came out of no where..
I miss feeding wild ducks that suddenly flew by when they saw bread in my hands..
I miss the jumping and bouncing at the back of the campervan with mak cek and we go, "Wooooaaaa.. wwwwoooaaa..Woooo.." loudly.. LOL..
I miss the time we had to hold our urge to go for a weewee as the ratio is 6 people against 1 bathroom..
and many more... as the list kept on going..

Thanks for reading..!

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