Assalamualaikum my sugar plump readers

or just to my blog..?

Assalamualaikum to my pumpkin blog..
YES! That's more like it...

I dont know where to expressed
or to whom to tell my story to.. as this blog is the only place that I have..

Regarding to the title it self,
recently I received a message from someone that I can't imagine (even not in a million years) who's the sender is..
I was about to go to sleep after I had a very sinful delicious meal for sahur..
I've made a nazar to Allah, 2 days of fasting if He grant my doa.. It is sooo important for me, about life and death.. and about my future.. syukur alhamdulillah with His help,InsyaAllah I am 60% closer to study in dot dot dot.. well, it depends on my current semester.. hmmm.. make it 70% closer! hiks.. ^_^

oops.. focus dalin, focus!
back to the story, after I was about to close my eyes, I received a message..
A sudden friendly message.. but it seems I replied back short and stiff
it makes me look like a cocky/arrogant girl
but swear i didn't mean to be an arrogant person..
I was too shock and couldnt say a word (in this case, I couldnt type a word!)
Shocked and scared actually..

I'm Sorry..

pen's off

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