I'm not going to miss you

Assalamualaikum my sugar plump readers

Seriously, 2014 is the most unlucky year for me..

Nothing special actually happen this year..
Apart from MH370, and MH17..

The head stewardess of MH17 is my 2nd cousin, Arwah Azrina Yakob
Our family is not that close, but Kak Ina is the most friendliest  lady with the a very big smile..
Her smile can make someone's day becomes better!
I miss her.. we used to go to Korea together.. 
and she would share her stories in becoming a part of MAS's crew
Till now, I can still remember the way she talks..
Miss you Kak Ina.. 

and this year, we had some unfortunate incident happened..
We are trying to look it from a positive side..
But it seems that I'm not strong as my other family..
and because of that, it has been months I didnt came back home..
I did go back during Syawal and Kurban, but that's all..
I wish and really hope that 2015 will give me a never ending happiness..
and if I have to go through with some burdens, then please give me strength too!

And the last disaster is the major flood that recently affect most of peninsular Malaysia..
and then we can see the fights among our people.. blaming him..blaming her.. blaming me and you..
I really hope everything will get better after this..

Apart from this disaster, I did have some good things happen to me..
I went to NZ and OZ..
Seriously, NZ is the most beautiful country I have ever been to!
*of course apart from Makkah and Medina*
The view.. the scenery is so magnificent!
They even beat Venice,Italy or Paris, France
Rivers is NZ mostly a crystal blue color.. just like the color of a sea..
2 weeks in NZ, covering most of the north Island and south Island...
 and additional 4 days in OZ..

and this year, I also had my 3rd Dean's Award with 3.84
and because of that, I want to go to NZ to continue my studies..
I really fall in love with NZ.. Its the first time I fall for a country..! Love at the first sight..!
Well, ofcourse If I have that chance/opportunity...
I've already submit my application and my current semester is the one that will help in determine whether
I can go to nz or not..
but if I dont have the rizki to go, then I'm okay with that.. as long as I can continue my studies..

but no matter how stink my 2014 is, 
I'm really grateful that Allah bless me with an understanding parents..
with a family that really support each other's back..
and I'm glad that my bestfriend, Teah is there for me..
 Thank you Allah for not taking them away from me..

I think that's all for my 2014 year..

I really hope 2015 will give me a sudden rizki falling from the sky..

That's all for now..

bubye 2014!

oh..! and tq Mr. Blog for standing beside me.. and let me write all over you with my words..

I'll be back, in 2015 for sure!! ^_^

**byknya typoooo.. malasnya nak pebetui balik**

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