Assalamualaikum my sugar plump readers

Seriously, 2014 is the most unlucky year for me..

Nothing special actually happen this year..
Apart from MH370, and MH17..

The head stewardess of MH17 is my 2nd cousin, Arwah Azrina Yakob
Our family is not that close, but Kak Ina is the most friendliest  lady with the a very big smile..
Her smile can make someone's day becomes better!
I miss her.. we used to go to Korea together.. 
and she would share her stories in becoming a part of MAS's crew
Till now, I can still remember the way she talks..
Miss you Kak Ina.. 

and this year, we had some unfortunate incident happened..
We are trying to look it from a positive side..
But it seems that I'm not strong as my other family..
and because of that, it has been months I didnt came back home..
I did go back during Syawal and Kurban, but that's all..
I wish and really hope that 2015 will give me a never ending happiness..
and if I have to go through with some burdens, then please give me strength too!

And the last disaster is the major flood that recently affect most of peninsular Malaysia..
and then we can see the fights among our people.. blaming him..blaming her.. blaming me and you..
I really hope everything will get better after this..

Apart from this disaster, I did have some good things happen to me..
I went to NZ and OZ..
Seriously, NZ is the most beautiful country I have ever been to!
*of course apart from Makkah and Medina*
The view.. the scenery is so magnificent!
They even beat Venice,Italy or Paris, France
Rivers is NZ mostly a crystal blue color.. just like the color of a sea..
2 weeks in NZ, covering most of the north Island and south Island...
 and additional 4 days in OZ..

and this year, I also had my 3rd Dean's Award with 3.84
and because of that, I want to go to NZ to continue my studies..
I really fall in love with NZ.. Its the first time I fall for a country..! Love at the first sight..!
Well, ofcourse If I have that chance/opportunity...
I've already submit my application and my current semester is the one that will help in determine whether
I can go to nz or not..
but if I dont have the rizki to go, then I'm okay with that.. as long as I can continue my studies..

but no matter how stink my 2014 is, 
I'm really grateful that Allah bless me with an understanding parents..
with a family that really support each other's back..
and I'm glad that my bestfriend, Teah is there for me..
 Thank you Allah for not taking them away from me..

I think that's all for my 2014 year..

I really hope 2015 will give me a sudden rizki falling from the sky..

That's all for now..

bubye 2014!

oh..! and tq Mr. Blog for standing beside me.. and let me write all over you with my words..

I'll be back, in 2015 for sure!! ^_^

**byknya typoooo.. malasnya nak pebetui balik**
Assalamualaikum my sugar plump readers!

I've just done a personality test. I've done before under Unit Counselling at my kampus, but I dont have the result.. then I found this SITE

Go and Check it out..!

Mine is 100% accurate..

Here's my result..

Your view on yourself:
You are intelligent, honest and sweet. You are friendly to everybody and don't like conflict. Because you're so cheerful and fun people are naturally attracted to you and like to talk to you.

The type of girlfriend/boyfriend you are looking for:
You are a true romantic. When you are in love, you will do anything and everything to keep your love true.

Your readiness to commit to a relationship:
You are ready to commit as soon as you meet the right person. And you believe you will pretty much know as soon as you might that person.

The seriousness of your love:
Your have very sensible tactics when approaching the opposite sex. In many ways people find your straightforwardness attractive, so you will find yourself with plenty of dates.

Your views on education
Education is very important in life. You want to study hard and learn as much as you can.

The right job for you:
You're a practical person and will choose a secure job with a steady income. Knowing what you like to do is important. Find a regular job doing just that and you'll be set for life.

How do you view success:
You are afraid of failure and scared to have a go at the career you would like to have in case you don't succeed. Don't give up when you haven't yet even started! Be courageous.

What are you most afraid of:
You are afraid of things that you cannot control. Sometimes you show your anger to cover up how you feel.

Who is your true self:
You are full of energy and confidence. You are unpredictable, with moods changing as quickly as an ocean. You might occasionally be calm and still, but never for long.

That's all for now.. Bye!

I'll be Back!!
Assalamualaikum my sugar plump readers

A very very very veryyyyyy longgggg time ago, someone tag me in this‪#‎GetToKnowMe‬, finally I have this crazy-awesomely-cannot-sleep mood... so here we go.. hope you can know me better..

1. Are you named after anyone? 
Yes!! After my arwah atuk's name.. His name is Dahalin Bin Md Noor, he used to work in the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of education.. put away the "ha" in his name, and taraa... "Dalin" was born..My parents and family told me, when atuk cuddled me in his arm, he said, "Dalin will replace me.. Its time for me to go.." and months after that, he did.. *tears* Al-Fatihah atuk.. I know that you'll always be with me, looking out for me... hope to see you in the afterlife.. amin..
2. When was the last time you cried?
Yesterday, when I saw Indonesian cried because of the missing Air Asia plane, I still feel the pain of missing arwah Kak Ina (Head of MH17 stewardess: Azrina Yakob), our family is not that close, but she's very friendly and a warm lady.. Miss you kak ina, till we meet again...
3. Do you have kids?
No.. but I wish I have!
4. If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself?er.. nope..? Honestly, I'm a weird person, today I'm friendly and the next day I'll ignore you.. but it depends, if the "another person" starts to have a conversation with me, then I can talk for hours and hours! hahahah..
5. Do you use sarcasm a lot?
Depend on that person.. if she (usually I give the sarcasm to a SHE) is a pain in the ass person, then it would be yes.
6. Will you ever bungee-jump?
yes!!! when I'm fit and thin and pweetyy... so I can go bungee-jumping pweetily with make-up on.. hahaha.. Just kidding.. ofcourse not!
7. What’s your favorite cereal?
Muslee!! yummy.. with those dried fruits and nuts.. goshh.. slurrpss..
8. What’s the first thing you notice about people?
The way they talk! I dont mind if that person have a yellow teeth or some bald patch on his head or a non-stop blinking eyes, but the way they talk is important to me.. 
9. What is your eye colour?
Black, but recently I used a torchlight to see the color of my eyes, and its dark brown. (No, i did not point the light directly towards my eyes LOL)
10. Scary movie or happy endings?
As long as the storyline is fantastic, then I'm okay with it.. I just basically watched everything.. 
11. Favorite smells?
Katy Perry: Purr, Christine Dior: Jadore and Escape.. are my most all-time favorite, even though I dont get to own it all the time.. Mahai gilakkk *tears* oh and I love the smell of onion+garlic being sauteed!!
12. Summer or winter?
Winter ofcourse!! because Malaysia also have summer all year round.. haha.. I missed that country where I was being brought perfect childhood memory was in UK.. everything is perfect.. Syukur Alhamdulillah...
13. Computer or television?
If they ask me this question 10 years ago, I would answer TV.. but today is the other way round.. teehee..!
14. What’s the furthest you’ve ever been from home?
Korea? Taiwan? Australia? NZ?
15. Do you have any special talents?
Is memorizing a talent? uhmm.. oh.. I can cook!! Instant noodle for example.. LOL.. and urm... boiling hot water.. and the hardest one is frying the egg.. like SERIOUSLY -__-
16. Where were you born?
Kedah Medical Center,
17. What are your hobbies?
Reading, travelling, cooking, er.. facebooking? (-__-)"
18. Do you have any pets?
Cats!!! Love themmm.. their name is Abu, Tausi, Omot, PKR, DAP and Pas.. haha..please believe me...~seriously it is so difficult when I saw a cat that looks like PKR then I would be like, "Dad, look!! it looks like PKR right?" then everyone look at me strangely.. huhu..
19. Favorite movie?
I watch nearly everything.. but #1 is Transformer.. then any Avengers movie.. or just any movie that involves ghost or comedy.. love story is my last choice..
20. Do you have any siblings?
yes, the eldest is currently studying for his master degree in USM, 2nd is my sister, working in Kedah.
21. What do you want to be when you grow up?
Of course I want to be a successful person.. accurately, a successful dentist.. :) but of course I want to be successful that includes both of my professional and personal lives.
That is all about me.. 
Assalamualaikum my sugar plump readers

or just to my blog..?

Assalamualaikum to my pumpkin blog..
YES! That's more like it...

I dont know where to expressed
or to whom to tell my story to.. as this blog is the only place that I have..

Regarding to the title it self,
recently I received a message from someone that I can't imagine (even not in a million years) who's the sender is..
I was about to go to sleep after I had a very sinful delicious meal for sahur..
I've made a nazar to Allah, 2 days of fasting if He grant my doa.. It is sooo important for me, about life and death.. and about my future.. syukur alhamdulillah with His help,InsyaAllah I am 60% closer to study in dot dot dot.. well, it depends on my current semester.. hmmm.. make it 70% closer! hiks.. ^_^

oops.. focus dalin, focus!
back to the story, after I was about to close my eyes, I received a message..
A sudden friendly message.. but it seems I replied back short and stiff
it makes me look like a cocky/arrogant girl
but swear i didn't mean to be an arrogant person..
I was too shock and couldnt say a word (in this case, I couldnt type a word!)
Shocked and scared actually..

I'm Sorry..

pen's off
Assalamualaikum my sugar plump readers!!
Haaa.. Ni Dalin nak kongsi recipe Diet Atkins yang sekian lama nawaitu tertanam di jiwa...
tapi sebab tak siram-siram dan tidak pernah semai..
maka ku biarkan ia termati disitu..

hah! Curlas tak puitis iols..

Dalin takmau lah kongsi recipe yang setakat

- Pagi: 2 Telur setengah masak
- Lunch: ayam 2 ketul, dan sayur sikit
-Malam : bla...blaa..bla..
air: bla..bla.. liter

Huh! Sila abaikan ye.. sebab semua orang boleh buat menu simple ni..
korang google je "menu fasa 1 diet atkins"
segelambak senarai website yang hado.. korang click je..
kalau tu pun malas, iols tak dapek buat apa melainkan SEPICHLESH (baca: speechless)

So, mari kita berkasih sayang dengan segala mak nenek recipe yang Dalin ada cipta sendiri, or idea ambil dari KDA or ambil ilham dari masakan biasa, tetapi dijadikan Atkins-friendly food!

Jom cekidautt..

Muffin Tolor
~2-3 biji telur
~tuna flake in water/oil
~1 keping keju di racik
~cili merah dihiris
~sedikit lada sulah
~garam sebagai perasa
~italian herbs or basil or oregano (optional)

+pukul semua bahan dalam mangkuk kecuali cili merah
+masukkan dalam muffin tray or paper cup
+ masukkan hirisan cili merah
+dan bakar dalam 150celcius atau hingga masak

Cheesy Mighty
~ suku bawang merah
~sayur yg disukai
~lada sulah yg ditumbuk/kisar
~garam sebagai perasa
~cili potong
~keju rendah carbs yg diparut

~Tumis bawang merah
 ~Masukkan sayur mayur yg disukai (ni dalin guna bunga kobis)
~Masukkan lada sulah.dan sedikit garam utk perasa
~bila sayur dah separuh masak, tutupkan api
~pindahkan dalam dulang pembakar dan taburkan cili potong
~kalau nk tambah mushrum or nenas mcm pizza betul pun voley (bg fasa 3 dan 4)
~Kemedian taruk mayonese
~last sekali parutkan keju
~bakar sampai keju dah cair atau sampai nmpak garing seperti gmbr di atas.
** kalau nk creative.. time goreng sayur tu masukkan lah isi ayam ke.. udang ke.. lg sedapp...**

Devil's egg (dont even ask me why that is the name, mmg dah lagutu)

~Rebuih beberapa bijik telur
~keluarkan kuning yg dah direbus tu (keluarkan masa panas2) danmasuk dalam bekas
~racik slice cheese ke atas kuning telur so that cheese to melt..
~ masukkan mayo (low carbs), 1 sudu butter, lada sulah or herbs sikit
~then gaul2.. kemedian masukkan balik dalam telur rebus tu

Spicy grilled chicken with steamed cauliflower

-marinate any part of the chicken with salt, black pepper and chilli powder for 24hours (on minimum 1 hour)

-grill the chicken until it is cooked
-wash the cauliflower and drain the water
-cut into small pieces
-steam the cauliflower until it become softer, and sieve to drain out the excess water
-mix with 1tsp of butter

Home made chicken nugget baq hanggg (faveret in my family!)
-mana2 isi ayam direbus (dalin ambil bahagian dada ayam)
- suku bawang besar
- 3 ulas bawang putih
- sedikit hirisan halia
- 1 biji cili padi
- sesikit garam sebagai perasa
- 2 biji telur

1.Masukkan semua bahan2 kedalam blender termasuk isi ayam dan blend hingga lumat. (Jgn tambah air langsung)
2. Panaskan myk masak dalam periuk
3. Bila myk dah betul2 panas, cedokkan 1 sudu besar bahan kisar tadi ke dalam myk..
4. Goreng hingga warnanya keperang perangan
5. Siap! Sedap makan panas2.. cicah bersama sos cili atau mayonis..rangup diluar dan isi semata2 di dalam.

Nasi Lemak Atkins style
(rencah2 tu korang buat sendiri ye.. takkan x reti buat sambal tumis, goreng ikan bilis, rebus telur, potong timun kot?)

-bunga kobis disagat atau dipotong halus, kemudian rebuskan bersama 1/2 santan kotak, se ulas halia dihiris, sedikit biji halba dan tambah sedikit air
-bila bunga kobis dah lembut, tapiskan airnya..

-sambal tumis tu mcm resepi biasa juga, cuma jgn tambah gula..

Pan Grilled Chicken Keel

~Marinate Chicken Keel with salt + course black pepper for 24jam, then we grill it.. simple as A B C 1 2 3!!

~Spinach Pancake (savory, bukan manis ye)
-blendkan 3 biji telur, suku bwg merah segenggam udang kering yg telah dibasuh, 1 biji cili merah, segenggam daun bayam, sedikit garam, sebtang celery, dan daun sup/daun bawang
- kalau nak ia gebu, blend lama2 sampai gebu
-dadarkan atas frying pan mcm masak telur dadar..

**boleh letak apa2 isi dan gulungkan, akan jadi spinach roll**

Roti jala ala atkins
 Roti jala:

1)2 telur dipukulkan
2)1 sudu santan

1. Kacau rata bahan-bahan tersebut hingga sebati

2. Jalakan atas non-sticky pan..

Kari ayam:

1/2 ekor ayam (dipotong ikut citarasa)

1 biji bawang merah (ditumbuk)

4 ulas bawang putih (ditumbuk)

1 inci halia (ditumbuk)

3 sudu serbuk kari daging (dibancuh dengan air, dijadikan pes)

2 biji kentang (setiapnya dipotong 4)

200 ml santan pekat (saya guna santan kotak)

1 kuntum bunga lawang

1 batang kulit kayu manis

2 biji buah pelaga (tak letak sebab takde)

1 liter air (ikut selera masing2)

5 sudu minyak masak

1 keping asam keping


Cara penyediaan

1. Panaskan minyak, tumis bunga lawang, kulit kayu manis & buah pelaga hingga naik bau.

2. Masukkan bahan tumbuk & goreng hingga garing.

3. Masukkan pes kari & kacau sebati hingga garing. Masukkan sedikit air jika terlalu kering.

4. Kemudian masukkan ayam & kentang. Masukkan juga air & kacau sebati. Biarkan ayam & kentang menjadi separa empuk.

5. Masukkan asam keping & biar ayam empuk.

6. Setelah ayam empuk, tuangkan santan pekat & biarkan mendidih.

7. Siap!

(Ketang tak boleh utk fasa 1 dan 2 ye...)

Stif fried beef and broccoli
Bahan perap daging:

Halia-1 inci
Bawang putih- 1 biji
Lada hitam- 1 sudu (tumbuk)
Daging - 200 g ( potong nipis, beli yg tender@batang pinang)

* perap daging semalaman atau 1 jam dalam peti ais

Bahan tumis:

Bawang putih - 1 biji
Halia 1/2 inci
* cincang halus


Brokoli - 1 cup
Cili merah -1 biji ( potong panjang)
Daun sup/bawang (hiris halus)
Minyak - 1 sudu
Garam (sesedap rasa)

Cara buat:

1. Didih air dan letakkan sedikit minyak dalam air. Masukkan brokoli. Celur dalam 10 saat. Angkat dan ketepikan
2. Panaskan 1 sudu minyak dalam kuali, guna api kuat. Masukkan daging yg diperap tadi. Goreng kilas hingga 70% masak. Angkat dan ketepikan
3. Guna baki minyak dalam kuali, tumis halia n bawang putih yg dicincang hingga garing n wangi
4. Masukkan daging tadi, kacau hingga masak (dalam 3 minit)
5. Masukkan brokoli dan cili tadi.. dan perasakan dengan garam..
6. Masak dalam 1-2 minit..
7. Angkat..hidangkan ngan hirisan daun sup/bawang
Assalamualaikum my sugar plump readers..

I miss New Zealand so much and it hurts..
I miss the Stop-at-the-coffee-shop-for-a-break time as I always ordered Hot Chocolate..
I miss the beautiful scenery..
I miss their friendly smile..
I miss the fun that we had..
I miss relaxing under the sun next to the campervan..
I miss going to the public toilet alone at night and its freaking me out..
I miss gossiping around while cutting the onions..
I miss Mr. Thubby a black fat cat that came out of no where..
I miss feeding wild ducks that suddenly flew by when they saw bread in my hands..
I miss the jumping and bouncing at the back of the campervan with mak cek and we go, "Wooooaaaa.. wwwwoooaaa..Woooo.." loudly.. LOL..
I miss the time we had to hold our urge to go for a weewee as the ratio is 6 people against 1 bathroom..
and many more... as the list kept on going..

Thanks for reading..!
Assalamualaikum my sugar plump readers!

Haa.. mari sambung ke part 2 pulak.. bagi yang tak tahu, Dalin berjaya menghasilkan produk dari resepi Abah Careno.. iaitu ketiaw Cantonese..  boleh rujuk di SINI ye..

Dalam ber-blogwalking baca post dari Blog Abah Careno, tetiba ada post Kek Biskut Lapis Cheese Nestum... atau lebih dikenali sebagai Cheesekut cake.. sebab dia ala-ala cheese cake yang berbiskut .. 

meh kita tayang gambar dari Abah Careno dulu.. resepi asal beliau dari SINI

- 250g Cream Cheese (dalin guna yang dalam tube gambar lembu tu)
- Biskut kering Hup Seng
-Susu segar, nestum
- susu pekat manis
- serbuk milo

250g Cream Cheese dipukul hingga kembang
- masukkan susu pekat (ikut tahap kemanisan korang, nak manis letak sampai 1-2 Tin susu pekat pun boleh, tapi kalau kencing manis tu tanggung sendiri ye, tapi Dalin guna suku je.. sebab I loike masam-masam cream cheese tu)
- sambung pukul cream cheese + susu pekat dan ketepikan..

dari blog Abah Careno jugak... maaf ye Abg Lan, Dalin jenis tak rajin ambil gambar stepbystep.. huhu.. 
Lapisan pertama
-Rendam biskut kering dalam susu segar (tak yah lama-lama sebab nak bagi tapak tu keras)
- kemedian susun lah dalam loyan cantik-cantik.. nak susun hodoh-hodoh pun takpe.. takde sapa halang ye..

Lapisan kedua :
 Sapukan cream cheese + susu pekat yang di pukul tadi tu..

Lapisan ketiga : Taburkan nestum atas cream cheese tadi.... lepas tu Dalin tabuq serbuk milo..

Ni Abah Careno tabuq serbuk koko bagi ada rasa koko..

ulaaaanggggg lah lapisan-lapisan tadi, sampai lapisan yang terakhir tu.. cuma lapisan yang last tu sapu cream cheese tebal-tebal sikit.. kemedian tabuq nestum tu...

masukkan dalam peti ais dalam 10 jam.. kalau buat waktu malam, esok pagi tu boleh makan dah.. dia kena lama-lama dalam peti ais baru jadi bentuk.. kalau jenis napsu membuak-buak ibarat kerasukan syaiton ni rojim macam dalin ni, potong awal-awal takde bentuk okeyh..? kalau tak padan muka tak boleh letak dalam pesbuk or Insta..

dan ini hasil Cheesekut cake Dalin... 

dapp.. dappp oihhhhh!! sejuk-sejukkk.. minum pulak dengan Hershey's Mocha Flavored... hamboiii.. combination torrrrrbaaaaiikkk!

murah hoiiii... masa keluar cari barang nak buat Cheesekut ni.. terjumpa ni kat section susu segar dalam kotak..   lagi murah dari susu segar wanita belanda tu.. tekejut iols..

tenkiu lagi sekali kepada Abah Careno aka Abang Lan! :)
Assalamualaikum my sugar plump readers!

Siap ada part 1 part 2 lagi tau...

ni part 2 >>>>>>

Haaaa.. Dalin ni pembaca setia blog Abah Careno a.k.a Abang Lan..
dia ni kira orang kampung Dalin juga.. (dandan ngaku org kampung ye dakk.. ahaks!) kiranya macam *sniff sniff bacheng* (gaya omputeh sebut bau2 bacang)
disebabkan beliau dengan Puan Permaisuri dia pun ada *sniff sniff bacheng*, kiranya Dalin pun ada *sniff sniff bacheng* dengan kak zaza.. tp kot mana tu , mak dalin la pandai..pusing kot sana.. pusing kot sini..

Ada Abang Lan post kat IG beliau gambar ketiaw cantonese ni... punya la nampak terliuq.. terus check kat blog beliau... haaah! cantik... ada resepi.. taram dulu dalam peti laptop rapi-rapi.. kang balik rumah masak.. (masa tu di kolej, tak leh masak.. huhu)

masa dah balik tu masak la untuk dinner.. sedap hoiii.... simple kameha meha tahapnya..

resepi asal dari SINI

- ketiaw sebungkus, utk satu family 3-4 ahli.. (nama pun ketiaw cantonese kan)
- daging ka ayam ka udang ka sotong ka bebola ikan ka fish kek ka.. ikut suka.. takdak halangan 
- 3-4 ulas bawang putih yang dihiris halus mulus semulus jariku..
- halia sebesar ibu jari di hiris miris
- 2-3 biji cili padi di ketuk
- 1 kuib pati ayam.. Abah Careno guna 1/2 kuib, masak sorang.. kita sebab nak masak satu family
- tepung jagung 1 sudu besar... bancuh dgn air.. nak lagi pekat kuah, banyakkan sikit tepung jagung.. nak kuah cair, kurangkan dan tambah air....
- sos tiram 1 sudu besar...
- air secukup yang korang rasa.. nak letak air rebus daging or ayam lagi digalakkan.. jangan 'galak' sudah..
- sayur ikut suka suki korang.. Dalin guna baby kailan dan carrot...


- Panaskan dalam 1-2 sudu minyak masak..
- masukkan ketiaw dan gorengkan dengan 1-2 sudu sos tiram atau agak2 kome lah..

gambar cilok dari blog Abah Careno
Quote: "Sudahnya dpt la keow teaw goreng sos tiram mcm atas ni... kluarkan dan masukkan dlm pinggan... dan boleh la mkn cenggitu jer kalau dah lapar sgt... hahahhaa..." 

part yg makan saja goreng kutiaw dengan sos tiram tu, dalin try lah.. hoiii.. mmg sedap..  saje gatal mulut nak ratah sikit..

-tumiskan bawang putih, cili padi dan halia dalam 1-2 sudu minyak masak
- masukkan ayam/daging/udang/sotong
- masukkan sayur yang di potong (kecuali yg berdaun mcm kailan/sawi sbb cepat layu)
- masukkan fishball/fishcake
- masukkan air yg secukupnya, masukkan kuib pati ayam
- bila air dah mendidih, masukkan air bancuhan tepung jagung..
- masukkan telur...
- kemedian masukkan sayur yang berdaun agar sayur tak terlalu masak layu

kemedian tuang la kuah tadi tu atas kuetiaw kita tu... tapi disebabkan dalin buat utk family, dalin asingkan kutiaw dgn kuahnya.. taknak kutiaw tu kembang dalam kuahnya..

ni hat Abah Careno, sebab nampak very the mengiurkan tauu..

kemedian dapat la gambar cenggini..

Dalam periuk lagi

om nom nom nommm

camno abang lan? lulus tak... hehe.. tenkiuuu... family pun sukaa..

kena masukkan dalam koleksi "tetap" nih.. maksudnya boleh buat lagi kalau ada orang nak mai... :)
Assalamualaikum my sugar plump readers..

Sekarang ni Dalin dah penghujung semester.. sekentut je lagi nak final exam.. hukhuk..

tetiba masa study (study la sangattt) tergerak hati nak bukak Nuffnang.. tetiba kan..

serious guilty gila... dulu mengila mencari solution camne nak dapat CPUV nih.. sekali dapat terus pejam mata.. dasar manusia kulit lupakan kacang!! huhhhh..

Atkins??? mihmihmihh... ke laut la uols..


nanti kita sama2 start balik yeee.. wakakaka.. sng je Atkins diet ni.. follow by the rules.. tp kena kuatkan mental.. hihihihihi.....

bubye uols..!
Assalamualaikum my sugar plump readers!!

Dalin peghati.. ramai yg ada masuk blog Dalin  untuk baca kisah Diet Atkins..

tapi.. tapi...

sejauh mana kebenaran itu?

Dalin rasa macam nak share je more info..

Tapi dalin taktau ada ke orang baca?

Takde feedback pun..?

Nak share recipe Atkins Friendly.. tapi berbaloi ka?

Ada yang mau baca ka? Ada yang mau ikot ka?

uwaaaaa... acaner.. ade ke orang baca?

Kalau ada.. Dalin akan share lebih banyyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkk ilmu berkait diet atkins.. kalau tak... hmmmm.. mmg takde lah.. huhuhu.. :'(

eh.. saper pempuan tuu..
Assalamualaikum My sugar plumps readers!

Tadi Dalin ada tertengok satu kedai online jual tilam baby.. bagi Dalin agak maheyy zainn kemainnn harganya.. seriouss..

so Dalin nak share tilam baby yang Dalin beli baru-baru ni.. serious sedapp.. empuk.. lembut..
tilam ni didatangi dengan bantal kepala.. dua bantal peluk dan attachable kelambu... berharga RM33.00 selain itu dia ada jual Sleeping Bag yang sama lembutnya jugak.. harga Rm21.. sesuai untuk di letakkan dalam endoi (buaian), dan car seat dan dalam baby cot.. boleh dijadikan macam bedung...

dan yang paling best, kedai tu jugak menawarkan set suai padan... iaitu set tilam berkelambu dengan set sleeping bag ni... all together RM53.. Nak beli asiing boleh, nak beli dua-dua sekali pun boleh.. dah lah cantik kemaheeennn..!! serious cakap!

Set yang Dalin beli adalah biru dan pinkkk...serious comey gilakkk..

Materialnya dibuat dari fiber.. memang serious sejuk dan lembut je...
Nak tahu Dalin beli dari mana? Di SINI haaahhh.. serious berbaloi dan Dalin tak tipu...

kalau taknak percaya jugak, sila bukak dulu link dalin bagi tu dan godek-godek gambar dan reviews pelanggan..  tilam ni jugak boleh dibasuh tauu.. banyak kaler lagi yang ada.. ada tilam lain jugak.. pergi la tengokkkk.. sebelum kehabisan stockkk!

p/s: Dalin tidak dibayar atau punyai kaitan dengan tuan kedai Baby and Muslimah Online ini.. harap sekain maklum.. apa yang Dalin nyatakan dalam post ini adalah ikhlas semata-mata dari pengalaman Dalin.. terima kasih..
Assalamualaikum my sugar plump readers!!

Sesiapa yang masok or pernah baca blog (adeke yang nak baca..?) ni tahu lah blog Dalin dok promote Diet Atkins..

what is the animal is dattt...? Tekan SINI, SITU, SINUN dan SANI

tapi disebabkan duduk kolej kt uitm arau ni.. *halasann!!* Maka sangat sukarnya..untukku berpisah dgn muuu
untuk Dalin cari makan.. hukhukk.. *halasaann lagikk!!!*

Tak..tak.. ini seriouss..ada binatang dalam kesusahaann... sebab tetiba semester ni Dalin dicampakkkk jauh ke kolej paling jauh giler jauh habaq hangg.. siapa di sini warga Dahlia 2 Uitm Arau pasti mengertii.. tapi selesa je kolej ni..(bodek uitm, kot ada staff uitm baca... huhu) cuma jauh..hukhukk.. maka ada satu je kedai makan di sini.. tapi..tapi..tapiiii ia cuma bukak time tengahari.. lewat petang lauk tengahari dah dihurung binatang comel hitam bersayap tuu.. so memalam cuma ada bergoreng.. macam nasik..mee dan sewaktu dengannya.. ada jugak ciken chop dan roti arab.. dedulu Dalin bawak telur sepapan.. dan tetiap malam beli chiken chop tauuu.. tapi sampai bilerr...?

hazab kooo.. sampai bau telur nak muntahh.. pepagi makan telur rebus.. lepas tu chiken chop tu rm7.. matikkk... i ols bukan anak org kaya biyemdabelyu ada suploh vijik.. feferry ada henam vijikk.. bunglow keyelsisi 5 vijikk khenn..

kena la mengalah.. pagi makan oat/nestum tghari beli lauk dan malam roti arab sekeping dua hengget..

tapi turun gila lambat nak mamposss.. kura-kura lambat pun menang jugak dengan arnab.. *eh, ada kaitan ke?*

dolu-dolu awal sem kiosk gerai tak bukak.. sebab degree nak final.. kalau tak demer ada jual nasik lemak, kuih muih dan cucuk-cucuk.. cucuk-cucuk ni lah paling makhruh dalam Diet Atkins.. tak digalakkan.. tp kalau elak lagi bermanfaat.. haa.. nampakk..?

so dalin ingat lepas ni nak start balikk.. sapa nak joinnnnn Dalin? Dalin balik ghumah hujung minggu ni... So nak beli telur.. mayonis dan sos low carbs.. bawak periuk nasi (secara haraaamm!! miahahaha) Woiii.. plis jgn gtaw pihak uitm plishh.. kalau tak iols kena buat surat doktottt.. malas nak turun naik pejabat..  huhuhu..
dan bawak tin sardine tuna dan sewaktu dengan nyaa.. So hari Isnin depan yakni 17hb Febuari 2014 dalin nak start balikkk... syarat nak join? sila hanggap Dalin macam newbies kudis jgak okeeyy..

ada nombot tepon Dalin kanan hatasssss nuuuu.. nobot Selkom pun hadoo.. kosong satu sembilan empat kosong tujuh kosong sembilan kosong enam... dan SMS, "Saya nak jadi geng Diet Atkins bersama Dalin" kalau msg lepas 16hb tu dalin takmau dah ekk.. sebab dalin nak buat timing tempoh tu.. Dalin akan buat balik FASA SATU: INDUCTION BALIK. LEBIH DARI DUA MINGGU.

serious nak turun tu senanngggg je.. nak istiqomah tu gilak sesakk weyhhhh... dalin dah mokmok bujang lapokk ni.. isk..iskk.. patut takde orang laki gagah pekasa jeling-jeling Dalin dah.. rupa-rupanya lelemaks ku jeling kt depa.. sobs..sobss..

okeyyy.. itu je kot ngarutan dan carutan Dalin untuk hari inii.. hahaha.. ampunkan ke sewel lan ambo yee...

peacee.. bubyee...

and Happy ATKINS!!
Assalamualaikum  my sugar plump readers!

Mak kengkunun sedih lah.. ayah tak igt tarikh anniversary..

Sambungan comment
(panjangan sangattt)
ayah mengusik mak!

Tak ke suwittt gitu... 9hb Febuari 2014 ni birthday mak.. tapi mak ayah nak sambut birthday tu jauh dari anak-anak.. terbang terus ke Indonesia gitu.. waduhhh.. honeymoon nggak mau bawak anak-anak gituu..
haha.. jangan lupa bagi adik kat Dalin! *matila aku dgn statement ni*

Ala mak.. mustahil ayah lupa saat ayah ucap akad menikahi mak kan.. tetiap tahun beli bunge hidop wangi-wangi kat mak... mujur konvo UUM setahun sekali.. tu yang mak secara tak langsung dapat setahun sekali jugak.. halohh..halohhh shomeelll...

Salah satu pristiwa Dalin jadi postwoman hantar bunga dari ayah untuk emak!
Mak iols kalau simpan bunge yang ayah bagi sampai dah keringgg..
pernah je tanya mak..

Dalin: awat mak tak buang je bunga tu? dah kering dahh.. alaa.. kan ayah bagi tetiap tahunn..
Mak: taknak lah... bukan senang ayah nak bagi bunga kat mak.. sayang tau...
Dalin: (dalam hati) bukan senang? er... *blurr*

itu je kisah shomel mak ayah untuk hari ini...

p/s: err.. ke memang ayah lupa sungguh anniversary mak dan ayah?