I just Dont Know

Assalamualaikum my sugar plumps readers..

Pheww.. About  months ago.. I did said that I will make lots of post during my semester break..


It just end up nothing.. as my babygurl Acer has to admit to the hospital during my final last semester.. they say it is because of the motherboard.. and it might cost RM400..!! (INSERT SHOCK FACE HERE) and I'm being a diploma student with no job.. (pls give me one!) I asked them to hold it.. days after days.. weeks after weeks.. getting near to new semester.. I called them to just continue repairing my babygurl.. *baiki dulu, duit pikir nanti*, so I called them to continue repairing Acer.. they checked my babygurl again.. and surprisingly my babygurl is OKEY! No need for RM400.. only RM30 to re-format it as my babygurl is running very slowwwww..

"Now I'm okey moomyy.. Dont worry," said my babygurl..

so.. the conclusion is.. er.. not a single post during my semester break.. boohoo!

*I might change my blog's layout*

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