Assalamualaikum my sugar plumps readers!!

Seriously.. I cant wait for the last day of my final! this coming Fridayyyyy
*purlis insert lagu Friday by Rebecca Black*

and I cant wait to delete my FB accountt..

I get lots of comments asking, "wont you feel bored?"

my answer is MAYBE..

as I am too addicted.. yes with DOUBLE Os to FB..
and I would always procrastinate things..
ie: I should study physics right now.. as tomorrow morning is my final..
Bad Me.. very bad.. huhu..

so, by the time I delete my FB accounts.. (notice that i put 's'? yes.. I have two fb accounts.. haha.. retis sangat kan)
I hope I have lots of activities to do..

1) Zumba..
Sort of aggressive work out.. heyy.. someone needs to loosen up some fats okeh..
Zumba is getting well-known in Malaysia nowadays.. Ive seen it MHI TV3 when I was in my semester break last year.. Want to know more about Zumba? Click here and for those who cannot imagine what is Zumba click here please.. As my family always goes to Penang once a week, so I'll be Zumba-ing in Penang.. ! My beloved kampung..

2)Guitar lesson
yes.. I am soooooo into guitar.. I learned from the internet..but as I am occupied with my classes being a super-duper busy students.. I dont have time.. as I get to grab the keys and notes.. after monthsssss I have forgotten all of if some FBI guy just reset my mind using the flashy-forget-your-memory thingyyy..
So, my dad is going to sent me to music class in Jitra for a guitar lesson.. *yeayy!*

yeap.. I'm never gonna miss this activities.. as I love eating and cooking.. but this time, I want to cook something healthy and yet delicious! yeyy.. have you ever heard of Atkins Diet? I am not in the mood to write alllllll about Atkins diet.. just google it.. You have to know deeply and have a deep knowledge about Atkins diet.. Understand it in and out.. Is it effective? my answer is yes..!
Before I started my AD (Atkins Diet), my weight is about 86kg.. after a week.. I manage to I manage to lose 5kg.. for a month.. I lose 11kg.. yeayy!! it is all about eating the right way..NEVER EVER EVER NEVER skip meals.. please.. this is the wrong way to start your diet..  if I have a request on writing about Atkins Diet, I will do so.. If you are interested..  ^_^
No pills.. No SDII.. No slimming products!!
Woww.. Just finished final exam semester 3, now you're gonna study for semester 4? Dunno yet.. It is all depend with my Lazy hormones and diligent hormones.. hahaa.. I play to much! Not being serious in study.. well..thanks to FB! Especially Mark Zuckerberg for creating this Making-People-Lazy-natorrr thing..*damn.. blaming FB for no reason! If you ulang, I saman you! :D *

So, I think this all the activities (for now) I'll be doing during my semester break.. haha..
so, bubye..


I'll Be Back!!

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