I'm coming backkk..

Assalamualaikum my sugar plumps readers..!

Sorry for not typing at my own blog at all.. berhabuk habis..
Well.. I entered my blog almost everydayy.. but you know..
I'm not like any kind of girl yang selalu update.. yang selalu orang baca..
and plus, people nowadays prefer FB and twitter right..
lagi-lagi lani ada Instagram and Keek..
but.. hey.. my nawaitu for blogging at the beginning is to tell stories.. make this blog as a diary..
So, why do i have to stop?? Tak kira lah mak jemah ni femes emes ke idok, I tetap berblog okeyhh..

Blogging is not to gain popularity.. *yes, a long time ago, i do feel like this*
But since I'm getting older, I re-think back.. and well.. blogging is about sharing your stories.. 
tak kira lah ada pembaca atau tak..

So why did I suddenly "berubah"?
Since I'm making my decision to delete my FB accounts..
I tell you all in another post okey..

I'm making this blog alive backk.. yeayyy.. :)

Peace y'all.. As I always use "Assalamualaikum my sugar plumps readers..!" for the opening.. I'm closing it with....

I'll Be Backk
*Insert Arnold SusahNakEja's Voice ye*

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1 comment :

saifudin abu izzudin said...

nice day :)
Bermimpilah tentang apa yang ingin kamu impikan,
pergilah ke tempat-tempat kamu inginkan,
Jadilah seperti yang kamu inginkan,
karena kamu hanya memiliki satu kehidupan
dan satu kesempatan untuk melakukan hal-hal
yang ingin kamu lakukan