New Hobby : Just an experiment!

Assalmualaikum my sugar plump readers!!

Recently my dad..
Yes.. the handsome guy upthere (referring to my header)..
went to KL.. visiting his mOm aka my grandma...
plus we have so muccccchhhh fruits here.. from our orchard..
so he decided to sent some of those fruits to KL..

and he came backkk.. *jengjengjeng*
with this!!

beads.. beautiful colorful beads~!!!
Gift from my uncle aka my dad's youngest brother..
*actually I asked him to buy it for me first.. then I'll pay him later... but he said, 'no need'.. * 
mana tak sengih panjang kemaiinnn.. ^_______________^

Plus, he also gave this..
step by step how to make bracelets.. necklaces and earrings..

and this!! to make my job easy.. and it surely help alotttt...
 really.. ALLOOTTTT..!

After reading the instructions from the book..

 I know.. 
it is not that glamorous and some of you can do it better than me..
but.. this is my first trial..
so.. I'm proud of myself..
big HUG for me Pleaseeeeee... 

 the reasons why I badly want the beads so much are...
  • dont wanna waste my time till this december LoL~
  • wanna try sumthin' new..
  • so I wont waste any money on accessories n'more..
  • I can wear it during this coming raya..
  • and I can also wear it on my trip to Taiwan this Nov~! 




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Tea Dno said...

huyoo cantek lah, gurl! taknak jual ke? hee.

Tea Dno said...

mana beli eh beads banyak2 tu?

kaizen said...

kalo dah reti buat sendiri boleh la buat berniaga... hehe

*skrg ni kne pndi cari peluang berniaga...kalo nk harap keje org bagi smpi bile pon x maju...

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Dalin said...

@Tea Dno :Thanks! huhu.. baru berjinak-jinak.. utk koleksyen sendiri je.. huhu.. taktahu lah beli kt mana.. sbb uncle Dalin yg belikan~

Dalin said...

kaizen: oops.. tunggu dulu kut.. hehe.. sekadar hobby je ni..

EYFAalias said...


Dalin said...

@EYFAalias: baru trial.. huhu.. nak pakai time raya ni.. :D