Krisis Diri

Assalamualaikum to my self..

I'm having my own crisis.. about.. er.. Life?
I opened my email just now.. reading one by one mails I received around 2008-2009..
I was quite dumb and stupid back then.. Really I was!!

I am.. still.. dumb and stupid right now.. feeling damn not right..
worthless..! huuuu..

Emotional and women cant be separate tho..
having my PMS? naahh... I just had it about 2 weeks ago... pregnant? Ahaha..How?? *if u know what I mean* 

Is that normal? or is it because of the first D in my whole life? huhu.. I can see the frustration in my mom's eyes.. the D the had just ruin my result.. A,A,A,A,A anddddd D!  My dad as usual, giving me support and motivation.. with a little bit of "beletiaq" but not so much as mom's.

seriously I'm feeling like a loser right now.. phew.. Letting everyone down..

Is it because i'm all alone now? currently, my mom and dad are in KL.. to our 2nd house.. they'll be back tomorrow or the day after..
and my siblings are now in penang.. as they are working in penang..

huaaaa... :'(

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