Assalamualaikum my sugar plump readers (do i still have one?)

This is my first ever post in 2017.
yea i know its too late. im so lame

Still, better than nothing kan? haha..

any new update about me?

Nov 2016
Balik Malaysia for semester break
Putus cinta :'(
Being single again *yeay* :D

Feb 2017
 my beloved cat Ling died.. :'(
this one i cannot tahan, even thinking of her makes me wanna cry..
I really miss her.. I miss her so much..
I miss her day and night..
Every night i would always look back through the pictures and videos of her..
gemok tembam gebus mulus notty mcm dalin..
(yes, hence the name Ling! lol)
Sometimes I would be pissed off.. sebab benda boleh elakkk..!
She hasnt been vaccinated, so she had this evil virus..
and her body cannot tahan anymore with the infection..
both of Liing and Caramel (my other notty cat) got infected with the nasty virus..
the vet suspect they got it from outdoor cats..
mmg byk kucing jantans nak ngorat diorg.. comey kan.. hukhuk..
but only Caramel fights the infection..
and sometimes i would feel really pissed off with Ling because she wont even try to fight it..
but.. maybe the virul is so kuattt she cant even fight it.. :'(

I missed having to wake up with these two furballs at the end of my bed..

Ling left, Caramel right

So can you guys imagine how I sleep on my own bed?
yes, i squish myself into a ball just to avoid kicking them! hahaha..

then a week after my precious Ling died, I have to go back to New Zealand..
Now I'm here in Dunedin..
phew my days are quite hectic..
i have another 2 years and I'm planning to find a job here...
migrate here for good..

what about my family?
ala.. diorg can visit me anytime what..
or I'll go back to Malaysia.. hihihi..

for sure one thing is, Im gonna adopt cats once i'll have a job!
i need to pour my love somewhere kan? hahaha...

tu je la kot about my life..
boring kan? 
sbb tu la lama tak update!

okaayy bye!

Assalamualaikum my sugar plump readers!

Cukup 2 bulan dah boleh beranak dah..
statement gila maut..
bukan.. bukan..
nehi.. nehi..

Its just that Ive been here (DUNEDIN) for 7 months now!!
*throw confetti everywhere*

Gladly takde la home sick pun..
ok ada..
tapi sikit jer.. ciput jer..
sumpah ciput.. hihi..
hahaha.. sebab rindu kucing lebih...!
Lagipun parents nak datang after my final exams nanti..
kira ok la kan.. boleh jenjalan pulak kan..kan..kan..

So Im gonna do the Terobek aka Throwback of what ive been doing here,,

actually bosan je my life sebab duit non hado...
kena jimat cermat amalan mulia..
if they offered me to go somewhere, then I'll tag along.. lol..

so I'm just gonna share the pictures with some captions okay?


BERSATU GAMES: A sport event of Malaysian Students all over NZ which held every year, and this year was held in DUNEDIN!

Malaysia's traditional dishes for Eid festival (1st of Syawal , muslim month after one months of fasting)

Some of the guest who came! Kak Lia and Kak Mala.. thanks!

An amazing preparation by me! Cook everything by myself. Nasi Lemak, Meehun Sup, ketupat nasi, lemang,  rendang ayam, kuah kacang.

Some of the guest. Sorry about the lighting. hihi

The second Food Festival for this year!

yummeyh! Mango Lassi from Indian stall, Veggie Dumplings from South Korean stall, and Mee Curry from Malaysian!  

Meet and Greet for new Malaysian students.

Beautiful Malaysian ladies. This is during the International Cultural Festival

Some of the locals are trying Malaysian traditional costume. (ehem.. except the one in the middle lol)

Kia Ora! I went to the Maori's stall at the International Cultural Festival and got it paint!

Baldwin Street, the steepest street on earth!

Baldwin Street

Baldwin Street
Tunnel Beach. Amazing and stunning view. just the track that is not amazing! hahahahah...
it took me ages to climb back up to the parking area!
Can you see the Tunnel? Hence the name, Tunnel Beach. if its during the low tide, you can walk underneath it.

Tunnel Beach
Albatross Center

One of the biggest event in Dunedin by Malaysian Students, MALAM MALAYSIA 2016,
with this year title of Against The Current (Menongkah Arus)

This two ladies are my flatmates and they are apart of the Malam Malaysia crews

Told ya its a BIG HIT! they made it into Otago Daily Times newspaper!

 That's all for now..




Do you ever wish you had a second chance to meet someone again for the first time..?

Yes.. Yes I would..


it has been 3 months now..
Living far far away from my hometown..

maybe.. but not too much.. hehe..

Im happy here.. :)
I really am..

I'm not feeling THAT homesick coz I have fabs friends..
So it is just like living in Malaysia.. haha..

great support from my flatmates.. 

This is during our first year students OMSA meeting..
OMSA = Otago Malaysian Students Assoc.

that guy is our Mr President, Aaron Pan
and Ong Jinn OMSA's Bank negara aka treasurer :)

two ladies behind us, from left is Zhu Yen Vice President 2, next to her is Serena Ann, OMSA's welfare officer

and recently we had a group discussion..
most of us are Malaysian..

yeah.. quite hard to get everybody in the picture.. LOL..

I really enjoyed  my time with them..
they are crazy and funny..
having them, you wont need to feel homesick..

That's all..
have a nice day everbodeh..!
Miss you guys in Malaysia..! Muahh...
Hi.. Assalamualaikum my sugar plump reader..


I am now in New Zealand..

Specifically.. in Dunedin..

Studying in one of the well-known University...

University of Otago *proud*

Ive been here for 3 weeks now.. 

(or is it 4 weeks?)

Been so super duper busy..

So, Im just gonna stick the pictures here..

so please enjoy..

(if okay if u dont want to.. T_T )

The Famous Otago's clock tower

Its really near to my flat!

Me and my flatmates, we're missing another flatmate!!

I didnt visit places much.. coz Ive been here before in 2014

so I was like. "meh.. not going anywhere for now"


so.. bubye!
Hi and Assalamualaikum my sugar plump readers!!

Hello 2016!  

Lots of things I wanna do this year..

such as..

studying overseas!!

InsyaAllah this coming February..

I'll be studying in Dunedin, New Zealand

I still have lots of things to study tho..

medical examinations.. certain documents needed to prepare for visa and so on..

but I know February aint gonna be long!

Wish me luck ye guys!

Oh.. and I hope in this year of 2016.. 
I'll become someone better than yesterday..
ofcourse rajin masak, rajin buat kemas rumah.. *hee hee*
coz I'm so super duper lazy.. yes..I am.. pemalas nak mampos!

Good thing about 2015
I've graduated in diploma science uitm..
then I continue my degree in biology also UiTM, 
but I quit just weeks before final to make way for the preparation to NZ..
Oh! and around June 2015, I've met my Mr Perfect..
Will tell about him later in my next post
*dunno when is the next gonna be*

That's all for now..

bubye guys.. 

Muahxxxx.. XOXO

Oh!! and Happy New Year 2016!!
May this year give you guys a 




InsyaAllah.. mudah-mudahan.. 

bubye guys!

Assalamualaikum my sugar plump readers..

I'm currently in a middle of doing something..

Not yet confirm, but more than 80% tendency of achieving something that I really really really realllyyyyyy want.. *haha.. nampak tak betapa banyak really tu*

So far, so good... everything looks smooth.. also feel smooth.. and I hope it will go well until the end..

can't tell you yet, what is