For 7 years I've waited for you..
Because 7 years ago u came into my life..
And I wouldn't let you go away from this heart ever since..
But now I'm just ever willingly to let you go..

I'm now apart of the Otago Malaysia Students Association's committee..!

If you want to know more about OMSA, you can hit this link up >>>

Basically as the name says it all, we are just Malaysian students with different kind of background trying to promote Malaysia's culture into Dunedin, New Zealand... and we are also here to assist new students from Malaysia to feel more at home.. because we are actually a one big family from Malaysia with the same mission..

If you're happened to be a first year student in Uni Otago or might want to join OMSA but don't know how? do contact us or follow OMSA FB page.. :)

There's more event coming soon..!

Be like water that is calm in the river..
But when there is obstacle, you still be the winner..
You just go rough, you don't look around.. but you just go..
and when you have to, you sliced through the cracks..

Be like water, so you can reach the furtherst point..
Even at the coldest place you are still there, but in a different form..
Even at the hottest place, you helped to soothe..
Even the biggest flame, you can make it tame..

Be like water, even you've reached far..
Like in the sky there's the brightest star..
You still know where you'd come from..
Even if its just a mere of H2O..

Be like water, formless and shapeless..
So no one can grab and squeeze you..
Just tell them they need to becareful..
Coz you can wipeout the world if you need to..

Be like water, you help to give life
coz everyone in this world needs to survive
If you dont help them in need,
then dont be a greed

-Dalin 18/2 02:20-
Dear God,
Why can't you let me move on..?
It hurts so bad..
I've been hurting myself since 7 years ago..
Please let this feeling fades away... 
the more I try to let it go, the more it haunts me..
the harder I pushed, the faster it chases me..
God can make things impossible to be possible, and possible to become impossible, so please.. turn this feeling into hate and make me move on...

Must be freaking weird to suddenly seeing my post like this.. like.. er.. can't you just lift your hands up and just pray to God like what normal people would do rather than F-ing putting it up in your blog? 

Ehem.. well.. yeah.. I kinda did that already.. like thousand times..?

I just can't.. I need to let it out somewhere.. so yeah.. my blog is where I vomit all my lovey dovey weird crush slash feelings stuff..LOL..

yup 7 years of having a crush on fucking stupid someone who dont even know you've been falling for him since the beginning of earth.. hahaha..

You know what.. I've watch movies and dramas.. and when this similar stuff happened, I'll be screaming, "weehh bodoohh bagi tau lah mamat tu ko suka diaa..!!" or "!@#$%^ just tell him already!!" but when the same shit happened to me, and I've been holding this feeling for 7 years (and counting) now, I can't even tell anyone..

so yeah peeps out there, just pray for me please, that this stupid feeling will turn into hate..and please pray that I can finally move on.. 

uh.. and please, No dream.. I dont want any dream related to him..Noooooo...!  and NO suddenly of "ohhh the other day I met him" says my dad or "ohhh u know what, I met his dad/brother/mother/sister/in laws/cats/mouse/car/TV etc the other day" says my fam..

last year 2016, I managed to FINALLY MOVE ON when i saw a post of him and his new GF.. i was seriously sumpah wallahi "OMG.. KAK NINA (my sis), HE is NOW with XXXX!! Syukur alhamdulillahhh".
then yeah.. something bad happened.. i dream of him when I did not ONE BIT missed him or had any feeling for him whatsoever... I woke up. in the middle of the night. crying because of that stupid faggot dream, that I had to text my sister who's ALLLLL THE WAAAYYYY back in MALAYSIA.

Its like my heart never allowed me to leave him alone.

Okay so listen now. Here's the "BEST" part of having a crush on him.

I'm not trying to ruin someone''s else relationship.. at ALL!
So i've been stalking his MedSoc and also his new GF's.
I dont mind this. I dont have any slightest bit of jealousy in me seeing their picture together.
my intentions are just to see that he's healthy, he is happy, he's doing great.. that's all.. 
yup even if it wasnt me. or us. I just want to know that he's in good hands..

But the most devastating part is, he suddenly disappeared from the web world.
No FB. 
No Twitter
No whatsover updates about him!

His GF's MedSoc? Also nothing.
His fam's MedSoc about him? Zero!

So my mind is not at peace rn.
Worried maybe? Something bad might happened to him? Did he encounter any heartbroken again?
I just cant stand him being sad and devastated.. :(

Yeah.. emm.. So wherever you are.. whatever you're doing rn... I hope you're doing well..
I will always pray for the best for you.. Amin..

Stay Strong.
Be Strong.
Work and Study Smart. 

Assalamualaikum my sugar plump readers!
Emm.. Do i still have my readers..? LOL

Ape-ape je lah ye.. 
This is still my blog so I have the right nak beletiaq segala mak nenek kannn..

Before that, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018 gaiiisss!!!
*yeah I know I'm 10 days late huhu, but better than 10 months late kan kan kan*

My new year resolution?


I'm just nervous and excited for 2018!

coz after nearly 3 years staying here in NZ, ive finally met a special friend whom I'm proud to say my best friend.. the first time I met this friend, I feel the click instantly..
Please God, hopefully this person will be my friend till forever.. aminn...

and for this 2018, I'm also apart of the Otago Malaysian Students Association (OMSA) commitee

Is my passion and love towards FOOD/COOKING that obvious? lol

Frankly speaking, I dont have any wish/intention to be in some sort of relationship this year..
I just wanna focus and take care of myself better than before..
I'm not gonna put myself last..
I'm not gonna be a cheapskate to myself anymore..

And I badly wanna focus more with my studies..
Gladly I've found a 24 hours study place that I can crash anytime I want..!

but I dont wanna have high hopes with 2018.. 
coz when u hope too high..
you''re gonna fall badly till you hurt yourself..

I'll just go with, "What happens, happens.. Don't cross the bridge until you come to it.. every problems have solutions.."

so.. 2018..

please be nice to me..