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Assalamualaikum my sugar plump readers!
Cukup 2 bulan dah boleh beranak dah.. hahaha.. statement gila maut.. tak..tak.. bukan.. bukan.. nehi.. nehi..
Its just that Ive been here (DUNEDIN) for 7 months now!! *throw confetti everywhere*
Gladly takde la home sick pun.. ok ada.. tapi sikit jer.. ciput jer.. sumpah ciput.. hihi.. hahaha.. sebab rindu kucing lebih...! Lagipun parents nak datang after my final exams nanti.. kira ok la kan.. boleh jenjalan pulak kan..kan..kan..
So Im gonna do the Terobek aka Throwback of what ive been doing here,,
actually bosan je my life sebab duit non hado... kena jimat cermat amalan mulia.. if they offered me to go somewhere, then I'll tag along.. lol..
so I'm just gonna share the pictures with some captions okay?

Its been 3 months now

it has been 3 months now.. Living far far away from my hometown..
Homesick? maybe.. but not too much.. hehe..
Im happy here.. :) I really am..
I'm not feeling THAT homesick coz I have fabs friends.. So it is just like living in Malaysia.. haha..
great support from my flatmates.. 
This is during our first year students OMSA meeting.. OMSA = Otago Malaysian Students Assoc.

and recently we had a group discussion.. most of us are Malaysian..

yeah.. quite hard to get everybody in the picture.. LOL..
I really enjoyed  my time with them.. they are crazy and funny.. having them, you wont need to feel homesick..
That's all.. have a nice day everbodeh..! Miss you guys in Malaysia..! Muahh...


Hi.. Assalamualaikum my sugar plump reader..

I am now in New Zealand..
Specifically.. in Dunedin..
Studying in one of the well-known University...
University of Otago *proud*
Ive been here for 3 weeks now.. 
(or is it 4 weeks?)
Been so super duper busy..
So, Im just gonna stick the pictures here..
so please enjoy..
(if okay if u dont want to.. T_T )

I didnt visit places much.. coz Ive been here before in 2014
so I was like. "meh.. not going anywhere for now"
so.. bubye!


Hi and Assalamualaikum my sugar plump readers!!
Hello 2016!  
Lots of things I wanna do this year..

such as..

studying overseas!!
InsyaAllah this coming February..
I'll be studying in Dunedin, New Zealand
I still have lots of things to study tho..
medical examinations.. certain documents needed to prepare for visa and so on..
but I know February aint gonna be long!
Wish me luck ye guys!
Oh.. and I hope in this year of 2016..  I'll become someone better than yesterday.. ofcourse rajin masak, rajin buat kemas rumah.. *hee hee* coz I'm so super duper lazy.. yes..I am.. pemalas nak mampos!
Good thing about 2015 I've graduated in diploma science uitm.. then I continue my degree in biology also UiTM,  but I quit just weeks before final to make way for the preparation to NZ.. Oh! and around June 2015, I've met my Mr Perfect.. Will tell about him later in my next post *dunno when is the next gonna be*

That's all for now..
bubye guys.. 
Muahxxxx.. XOXO
Oh!! and Happy Ne…