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A new Love is growing

  Assalamualaikum blog.. tudiaaa.. lama tak pernah update apa-apa..  This blog has always been in my mind.. Because there is nothing much to update.. But I decided to update this today.. This is going to be a place where hopefully one day Baby M can read this post (InsyaAllah future posts about you) Thanks to your Mama for allowing you to call me Mommy <3  The moment your ayah and mama told us that you're in your Mama's tummy, Mommy was super excited. I did not show my excitement that much as before you, your Mama had a miscarriage so we were trying to stay low yet praying day and night that you'll be full term and healthy.. Your mommy and Mak have been chatting to each other about how we are so excited waiting for your arrival. I could not believe even though you're not from me, yet my love for you grows every day.. It is so amazing how we can love someone that we haven't met yet isnt it? Updates from your Ayah about you always excite me and made my day Mommy an
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I said 'I love you' the last

I said 'I love you' the last. You came to my life while I was fragile, and yet independent. I still am. I mean the last part - independent. I was fragile because my last relationship before you four years ago scarred me. It scarred me to be in a relationship because I was too tired to start again. To know someone new. To know the bad and good in you. To let them know the good and bad in me too. But you told me, "Oh give yourself a chance". "I won't be like your ex and hurt you". "It's not fair to yourself because of someone else". After thorough thoughts, so I give in. But remember I forgot how to love. I forgot how to date. Because of the scar I once had. And I've been questioning you and myself, Why a guy like you be interested in me? The question I pour out to you is because deep down inside I do love you and I'm scared of losing you and you knew it too. The first date we had was amazing. No fancy restaur

EXAM, but...

Assalamualaikum my sugar plump readers..! Exactly the title.. gonna have my last paper soon, but got distracted jap.. HAHAHA.. I just need to write something down for peace of my mind I guess. Ehem, cz I stumbled on a website on 'Loving yourself, and it said to write something down as one of the ways to love yourself more. (Here's the link if you wanna learn or know how to love yourself) So they made a list on what to write about yourself.. So yepp.. Here we go! psst.. The rule for this is to just let your mind free and just write. 1) What are the three personality traits you love most about yourself? -  Funny, caring, trustworthy 2) If your body had the ability to talk, what would it say? - Please limit and watch what you eat Dalin! and please exercise too! 3) What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received? Why is it true? - "The food you cook are delicious!" Why is it true? Hurmm.. Guess because I cook with love? Hehe 4) What are 5 thi

Er.. Hello?

Er... Am I that late..? Teehee..  COME ON DALINNNNN ITS MAY ALREADY DUMBASS! for awhile I actually forgot about this baby blog of mine... Sorry..! A lot happening lately.. This year InsyaAllah gonna be my last year in Uni Otago..  Next step? Not sure yet :( Love life? Er.. What is love again? ROTFL So far from Jan 2019 till now, I met new faces and I actually knew someone I initially thought I had already knew.. :( Yup, so broken heart with broken friendship.. Itsokay, friends come and go. Family no matter what will and always stick together..! Oh! This year flatting with ah-mah-zing people! ohhh and this year me and Farisha (AKA also my flatmates) are the co-directors for  MALAM MALAYSIA 2019!! Ketaq lutuittt Ya Allah.. tanggungjawab yg besaq wehh.. huhu.. May Allah ease everything for me.. Amin.. Hope to update more.. but.. emm.. we'll see.. HAHA.. bubye

7 years waiting

For 7 years I've waited for you.. . . Because 7 years ago u came into my life.. . . And I wouldn't let you go away from this heart ever since.. . . But now I'm just ever willingly to let you go..

Otago University

Hiii.. I'm now apart of the Otago Malaysia Students Association's committee..! If you want to know more about OMSA, you can hit this link up >>> Basically as the name says it all, we are just Malaysian students with different kind of background trying to promote Malaysia's culture into Dunedin, New Zealand... and we are also here to assist new students from Malaysia to feel more at home.. because we are actually a one big family from Malaysia with the same mission.. If you're happened to be a first year student in Uni Otago or might want to join OMSA but don't know how? do contact us or follow OMSA FB page.. :) There's more event coming soon..!

Be Like Water

Be like water that is calm in the river.. But when there is obstacle, you still be the winner.. You just go rough, you don't look around.. but you just go.. and when you have to, you sliced through the cracks.. Be like water, so you can reach the furtherst point.. Even at the coldest place you are still there, but in a different form.. Even at the hottest place, you helped to soothe.. Even the biggest flame, you can make it tame.. Be like water, even you've reached far.. Like in the sky there's the brightest star.. You still know where you'd come from.. Even if its just a mere of H2O.. Be like water, formless and shapeless.. So no one can grab and squeeze you.. Just tell them they need to becareful.. Coz you can wipeout the world if you need to.. Be like water, you help to give life coz everyone in this world needs to survive If you dont help them in need, then dont be a greed -Dalin 18/